Who are we ?

Medical Dialysis center

Centre Médical de Dialyse - Medical Center for Dialysis

CADES is your dialysis partner.

CADES designs, builds and commissions dialysis centers and production sites for different types of consumables. Product sterilization is included. CADES has a presence in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East.

Cades engage with respect to its customers with :

  1. to make benefit from the best market prices
  2. to make benefit from the best market prices
  3. their to announce all technical innovations
  4. to train the users (doctors, nurse)
  5. to propose an ethical approach of the processing of the irc*

What is dialysis ?

illushemoDialysis is for patients who suffer from kidney deficiency by cleaning their blood of impurities and excessive fluids. This is a closed circuit process. The dialysis also provides needed minerals if these are insufficient.
The patient’s blood is purified through a semi-permeable membrane using a solution called “dialysat”. This solution consists of water added to various mineral concentrations per the nephrologist prescription.

The procedure is performed under the nephrologist’s control at a dialysis center or hospital unit using specialized equipment and staff; or, at the patient’s home. The last possibility requires a minimum of 8 weeks minimum training.

There are two types of dialysis:

  • extracorporeal dialysis
  • peritoneal dialysis: either in permanent ambulatory conditions (performing the process all day and night) or, automized (performed by a machine during the night).

For a person who suffers from kidney deficiency, 2 to 3 dialysis per week are compulsoryin order to stay alive. Each session lasts from 4 or 5 hours.

Only a kidney transplant can enable a person suffering from kidney deficiency to live without dialysis.

The chronic impaired renal function is in France in constant progression like specifies it the paragraph statistics