Dialysis Generator Dialog+ with integrated tensiometer

genereur-dialyse-dialog Advantages: Reading possible before, during, and after the session.  Automatic reading displayed on the scree, pressure and caradic reading change manuel or automatic alarm reading in different colors. Pressures  and frequency set in real time, automatic adaption of pressure des pressions et de la fréquence mise en mémoire des mesures en temps réel adaptation automatique de la pression de gonflage du brassard surveillance précise et sûre de la tension.


Dialysis armchair

fauteuil-dialyse-electrique Dialysis armchair for hospitals.  Structure in 4 parts: headrest, back, and leg rest, manuel adjusment, height from 65 to 85 cm controlled by hydraulic jack, 360° rotation, steel frame coated in ABS antishock, choice of three colors: white, gray, or black, dimensions: length 190 x 62 cm width, weight: 66 kg.  Additional options:

  • electric armchair
  • anatomical seat cushion
  • flat armrest
  • examen sheet roller
  • leg support sectional

Economical hospital bed

lit-medical-hopital-electriAffordable hospital bed Diagrid fix, Head and footboard in epoxy tube 4 wheels Dimensions: 1,90 x 0,80 x 0,50 m. Weights: 40,00 kg

Doctor’s scale mechanic, electronic & platform scale

pese-personne-toiseBased on his or her “dry weight” (medical evaluation), each patient needs, before and after each treatment, to be precisely weighed in order to evaluate the weight loss resulting from the treatment that will determine the necessity of a hydro-sodium charge for the comfort of the patient.

A dialysis center must be equipped with a 150 kg scale having a 100 g precision.

Dialysis filter

cartouche-dialyseur-diacap-polysulfoneA dialysis filter or artificial kidney is part of a dialysis treatment being used as a semi-porous through which the uraedic toxins will be eliminated and transferred via the dialysat to the sewer along with the weight overload (2 functions: spreading of toxins and convection of water).

It exists 3 types of dialysis filters:

  • high permeability filters,high flow range with synthetic fiber
  • middle level permeability filters, low flow range with synthetic fiber
  • cellulose fiber filters (range low and middle flow).

Each type of dialysis filter has a different transfer capacity according to the case to be treated. It can vary from 0.4 (paediatry) to 2.4 m² (adult).

Dialysis filter Diacap Polysulfone BBRAUN LO PS 15 stérile

Sodium bicarbonate cartridges

bicarbonate-sodiumSupplied by cartridges that fit to the generator, the bicarbonate is automatically proportioned by the machine while the dialysis is in process.
Sodium bicarbonate

Blood line

ligne-a-sang-infusion-setIt exists more or less specific blood lines depending on the type of the dialysis machine concerned. In particular for the following brands:

  • B.Braun
  • Fresenius
  • Gambro
  • Hospal
  • Various others …

All blood lines are ETO or Gamma sterilized.

Line with blood

Catheter for Hemodialysis

catheter-set-dialysisA catheter is a pipe used to inject or vacum liquidsinto or from the body.

For dialysis, catheters are double (missingword) and are mainly 15 or 20 cm long. There 3 styles of catheters depending where they will be positioned:

  1. Femoral
  2. Sub clavian
  3. Jugular

Each catheter ETO or Gamma sterilized are presented in single use packaging comprising:

  • 1 cannula size 11F, 11.5F or 12F
  • 11 dilatator size 11F, 11.5F or 12F
  • 1 dilatator size 11F, 11.5F or 12F
  • 1 guidewire size 11F, 11.5F or 12F
  • 1 syringe
  • 1 scalpel

Fistula needles

aiguille-fistuleThis is the chirurgical connection of a vein with an artery. It allows the receipt of blood. If there is not a good fistula there will be no good dialysis.

It exists 3 main lenghts of fistula needles: 15, 20 and 30 cm and the three most used sizes, G15,G16 and G17. other sizes are of course available upon request.

Fistula needles are presented in single use packaging and are ETO and/or Gamma sterilized.

Sterilized kit on/off tray

kit-de-soinset-de-soins-personalisableSets of care on demand, we can make them fit your need, sterilized. Sterilization kit


heparineHeparin is a anticoagulant necessary for all extracorporeal blood flow and particularly in the course of a dialysis treatment.


Serum salted 0.9%

Serum salted 0.9%

Disinfecting products for dialysis machine

desinfectants-generateursThe various types of disinfectant and/or degreasing products used for dialysis machines are:

  • citric acid
  • peracetic acid
  • stabilized bleach
  • pasteurization (certain machines offer a heated disinfectant that can be mixed with critic acid based product).

Disinfecting 10L Tiutol kf

Acid concentrate

bidon-10l-concentre-acideThe acid concentrate is the main product necessary to perform a dialysis treatment. It circulates at blood counter-flow through a semi-porous filter.

The standard dilution of acid concentrate (for a 10 litres can) is 1 + 34, ie:
After dilution the concentration is 1.0 litre of acid concentrate + 1.225 litre of sodium bicarbonate at 8.4% + 32.775 litres of sweetened water.

The components K, Ca, Mg, etc… can be specifically prescribed by the doctor.

Acid concentrate

Bicarbonate sodium liquid

bidon-10l-bicarbonateCan bicarbonate sodium 10 Liters (bicarbonate liquid)

Citric acid

bidon-acide-citriqueAcid citric jug 10 Liters

Automatic and manual respirator

Automatic and manual respirator

Acid concentrate mixer

The acid concentrate is produced daily on site in a mixer using osmosed water and solid substances (powder – granulates)

Mixer for concentrates acid


prd_defibrilateurPreventively each dialysis center must be equiped with an automatic or semi-automatic defibrillator. It must be adapted for a non expert use in cases of emergency.

Defibrillator automatic

Oxygen concentrator

It is recommended to have a disposal in each dialysis center of one or more oxygen concentrator, in case a patient would be indisposed during the course of a treatment.

This type of equipment produces oxygen concentrated at 94% with a pressure of about 5 bars using the ambient air.

Oxygen concentrator


tensiometre-automatiqueBefore and during each dialysis treatment, the patient’s blood pressure must be checked regularly using an armband equiped with an electrnic or manuel manometer.

Certain types of dialysis machines have an integrated manometer. The advantage being to tune the machine to the patient’s blood pressure with a diastolic and/or systolic margin.

Invasive physiological serum

serum-sale-09The invasive physiological serum is used in the following cases :

  • to rinse the extra-corporeal circuit (filling + cleaning).
  • to re-stabilize the patient’s blood pressure after a fall while under treatment.
  • to reinstate the natural blood circuit after a dialysis treatment.

Nourishing additives

complement-alimentairecomplement-alimentaireNourishing additives, prepared-to-measure, are used to compensate alimentary deficiencies that may result from a dialysis treatment.
Food complements Infus vanilla, lemon