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Fistula needles for dialysis

Aiguille a fistule dialyse

This is the chirurgical connection of a vein with an artery. It allows the receipt of blood. If there is not a good fistula there will be no good dialysis. It exists 3 main lenghts of fistula needles: 15, 20 and 30 cm and the three most used sizes, G15,G16 and G17. other sizes are […]

Blood line

Dialysis blood line arteries and veinous

It exists more or less specific blood lines depending on the type of the dialysis machine concerned. In particular for the following brands:B.BraunFreseniusGambroHospalVarious others …All blood lines are ETO or Gamma sterilized.

Medical Beds and Armchairs for dialysis

In a dialysis center the patient must be comfortable in order to endure treatments that can last 4 to 8 hours. The patient’s comfort: easier for the patient to endure the treatments, The nurse’s comfort: – adjusts the height of the armchair in order to enable a more precise placement of the fistula needle, – […]

Catheter for Hemodialysis

A catheter is a pipe used to inject or vacum liquidsinto or from the body. For dialysis, catheters are double (missingword) and are mainly 15 or 20 cm long. There 3 styles of catheters depending where they will be positioned: Femoral Sub clavian Jugular Each catheter ETO or Gamma sterilized are presented in single use […]

Dialysis Generator B|Braun Dialog+ & Dialog iQ

B | Braun offers 2 machines for hemodialysis, Dialog + and the new machine Dialog iQ . You will find below the descriptions of the machines. B|Braun Dialog+ Flexible and effective dialysis Available in 3 configurations: Simple pompe – 710200C Double pompe – 710201C HDF Online – 7102072 Dialog + evolves to meet customer needs […]

Dialysis filter – dialyzer

Dialysis filter – dialyzer

A dialysis filter or artificial kidney is part of a dialysis treatment being used as a semi-porous through which the uraedic toxins will be eliminated and transferred via the dialysat to the sewer along with the weight overload (2 functions: spreading of toxins and convection of water). It exists 3 types of dialysis filters: high […]